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We are the Young & Naughty – a small team of people, who never lose an opportunity to create something amazing (and lewd)! At the moment we are creating a NSFW-parody based on Overwatch – “ACADEMY34”!

In “ACADEMY34” you are going to take on a role of a cadet, who has just enrolled to the Academy, where young recruits are trained to become Overwatch agents. An exciting student life awaits you with all familiar characters, original story, lots of side quests and tons of adult content!

The game is completely free, but with a tiny monthly donation at our Patreon page you can get access to the game and all the updates earlier than everybody else! In addition to this, you will also gain access the Patron-only feed, access to our Discrod server filled with spoilers, opportunity to vote for future updates, and you will give us an immense support, for which we will be eternally grateful!


A small note to those, who wants to support our game:

We're not really getting money from Itch.io sales.

The site takes a huge cut, so if you want to help us and also get a lot of nice bonuses, such as exclusive access to early releases, spoilers and more — be sure to become a patron on our Patreon page!

It helps A LOT, especially right now, after our team moved out of warzone and has to get used to living so far from home.

Thank you!

Updated 4 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(437 total ratings)
AuthorYoung and Naughty
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, harem, Hentai, NSFW, nudity, porn-game, rule34, Story Rich, teacher
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
LinksPatreon, Twitter


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How do I make a distraction in the library? I'm trying to continue Sombra's quests but Symetra is being a boomer.

You don't need library for Sombra's quest, it's an option thing that will be available after completing another side-story. For Sombra's quest check parking lot, pool and classroom.

when is the next Brigitte update planned?

Early next year, already working on it!


This is SO well written! loving every part of it <3

Thank you! <3

Any plans to add more spycam/voyeurism quests? enjoyed those a lot


Yes, a lot of plans regarding spycams actually. We are planning on updating Sombra's Market by adding spycams that you can yourself install in places you want.

sounds great looking forward to it 

damn i thought it was  a public release update

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when will you guys release he update

3 weeks

is the update out yet

Look up at the dev log. Widow part 2 is out for certain Patreon supporters. 3 weeks for full public release


What do the cheats do and how do i activate them?

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The game asks you in the beginning if you want to enable cheats or not. 

As for what they do —  $9999 in money and maxed out stats to make it easier to play.

Ohhh tyy


So I redownload it to get the Halloween update, bad to replay the whole game (not mad at all cause it's dope) BUT I have a saving glitch. Anytime I try to load my file it only loads as far as Sombra sitting angry in her tent. I can move past it and save, but doing so just resets back to that point. Not sure if anyone else has talked about this issue or if it's just me.

What platform are you playing on? Can you, per chance, share your save file? I don't think I ever heard about bug like this, so I very curious to find out what might cause it.

I play on Android. It's for sure the first time any glitch like this happened for me. I binged through it to see if beating it again fixed it...it did not. Unrelated note, LOOOOOVE the Halloween event stuff. Need more ice dragon bussy in my life. I have to figure out how to find the save files. But it does let me keep the gallery stuff. Thankfully

Did some looking around but I'm not sure how to share the save file with you

Dude im having the same issue, at the same save point



Same issue on PC

Maybe you could find your save file and send it to young and naughty so they could look into it?


Will there by something about glory hole character, like the bdsm thing that we have today?


Yup, that sounds like a fitting idea.

Is there a way to recover corrupted/lost progress?

When is the public realise for widow maker part 2

In 3 weeks

when will we get the free access to Widow update part 2? 

In 3 weeks

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This time we went for a story that is more mature, more... dramatic.

So expect to see it all:





Early access is open to high tier patrons! If you enjoy what we are doing and would like to take part in shaping our game's future, be sure to join high ranks and get access to this and every upcoming closed testing, as well as many other rewards!

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how do I equip the halloween marathon costumes?

you have to end Mei and Sombra route. Then go to Sombra's shop and buy the replays


Made an account just to say good job with the game looking forward to all the future updates hope everything goes well for the team 


I'm sry for all the questions, but when i download the new update do I delete the old one then download or just download straight away????????

Whatever works for you, saves should not be affected either way.

is the version out yet

they said it will be out in 20 hours-ish so by it will be out in abt 4 hours. so close yet so far

when we redownlaod and update the game does all our progress gone

Progress is transferred automatically when you install new version.

thank god


how long i must know please god please i need this please god

How do i get more strength for andres questline

its a bit weird u have to do a sombra quest where Mcree comes and get a drink from her, that Friday hang with Mcree and get shitfaced u will have to go to mercy on Monday she will give u the wrong medicine a little bj happens then on Friday u will go on a training with the PE teacher after check ur states and u will see u got one strength, you welcome. 

We'll fix that in one of upcoming updates, where we overhaul stat system completely.

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cool, will the state effect more thing then?


I cannot wait for the femboy to join the battle do you possibly have a realease date


Not yet, but after 3rd Widow update (the one we release rn is 2nd).

How Do I find sombra, i cant get the camera for may and i can't get in the girls rooms

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sleep and find her tmrw (in the game)

Will there be any more Sombera interactions.


is the update out yet

Coming out in ~20 hours.

will we get gay interactions like mcree or lucio ;-;

Yes, but tad bit later. For now we have only girl content in the works, apart from one cute femboy, but he's an original character, not from OW universe. 

AMAZING!! cant wait (btw keep up the good work these novels on here are goood) =]

does the game automatically update or do i have to redownload the new version

You have to redownload. We're gonna look into implementing automatic updates.

and if i redownload it, do i have to also grind the game from scratch?

no just save i deleted the game and still had all my stuff

If you're on PC or Android, your saves should automatically transfer when you install new version. You don't need to do anything.

The download link is not working


in the photos or the game will that parking lot scene be added in the next update?????

so update tomorrow?





The answer for the final Mercy question is

"Lunch and Dinner"

How do i continue Hanas quest without being able to do Sombras quest


D.va and Sombra have their routes intertwined.

Never one without the other.

can someone tell me where all the jammers are?


To find the jammers you have to use level one x-ray and search them in various places.

The first is in the bushes in the parking lot.

The second one is in the pool.

The third one is under one desk in the classroom.


guy pls help, so what happened is that I finished mercy's, tracer's and widow's I also finished the x-ray  sombra thingy and i am trying to do Hana now but don't know how to start it , pls help me, all I see in the task app on the phone is "Hana feeling cuddly" and "swimming season with Hana" pls help me how do i start it

(1 edit) (+1)

You need to buy lewd photos from Sombra

It's available as purchasable one picture at a time in sombra market. 

Anyone know where the 3rd xray thing is for Sombra spent like 2 hours trying to find it

go to the class room where u always go for your lessons and a-ray the corner of the tables u will find it.

Okay so im having this issue, when i progress any

amount and save my game. It creates a save file and

everything, but it just brings me back to the bit where

sombra is now homeless. (Ive passed that part ages

ago) Ive tried overwriting old save files, and making new

ones, but it just keeps loading me back up to the sombra

bit. Also, it does load up the week day, and time of day,

even my gallery contents are still there.

I am on mobile

Same on PC


probably the best game i played , hyped for sombra and widow update

Hello Young and Naughty.

I am playing Academy34 on Gamcore. But when i Try to do the Sombraquest the game Crashes.
I tried donwloading it, but the files i download from your Site has a Trojan(Virus)

Sometimes anti-viruses take parts of RenPy engine (the one we use) as a virus for god knows what reason, same as it happens with .exe files for some games. It is safe to download, otherwise you'd see a lot more complains in the comment section.
Regarding your problem on Gamecore, sadly we won't be able to help, because that seems to be the problem on their end, and since we don't officially support that version, we have no way of fixing it. You can try and contact their support, but that's all I can suggest in this situation :(

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