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We are the Young & Naughty – a small team of people, who never lose an opportunity to create something amazing (and lewd)! At the moment we are creating a NSFW-parody based on Overwatch – “ACADEMY34”!

In “ACADEMY34” you are going to take on a role of a cadet, who has just enrolled to the Academy, where young recruits are trained to become Overwatch agents. An exciting student life awaits you with all familiar characters, original story, lots of side quests and tons of adult content! 

The game is completely free, but with a tiny monthly donation at our Patreon page you can get access to the game and all the updates earlier than everybody else! In addition to this, you will also gain access the Patron-only feed, access to our Discrod server filled with spoilers, opportunity to vote for future updates, and you will give us an immense support, for which we will be eternally grateful!



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Is academy 34 going to be available for IOS or is there a way already to play it 

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Sadly AppStore policy would not let us post 18+ game there. And a build for jb devices will require of us to buy a developer account. And considering the % of people who play our game and have a jb device, we won't do a port any time soon.

How to i begin brigs arc,i keep seeing  everyone say to do the homework for the tech class but i havent gotten any prompt on the laptop to do said homework

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You need a techhnology book from library, after that you can do homework on the laptop. Torb tells you that on the 3rd week.

Oh fuck,thanks

Our patrons gained access to the new update. Become one and then visit our website to download the game. 

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We started closed beta test of the Brigitte route continuation. You can become our patron and try the update right now: patreon.com/youngnaughty

Public release here and on our site later this month. 

Follow our twitter for new announcements. 

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i can't find task from day 2 help me out,

task bar is totally empty 

The content of mei is avaliable or we need to wait to the nex update? i mean i have all te homework but only say me she take my notes and nothing happen latter  xd i wanna now if i retarded or the content is not avaliable now, ah  and you did a great work i like the draw and its funny good work buddy :D (sorry for mi bad english)

It's not finished yet

I can't understand,I can go go tracer again but there won't be any new content,What Can I do for this quest?

I just can't find the third jammer... 


its in the classroom


So, for the people that's trying to get the Brigitte storyline. First do all the homework that you have for Torbjörn class, that should start it.

For the Mei storyline. It should start similarly, do all the homework for her class.

It's important that you do your homework as soon as you can, since both storylines start the only the next class that you got it (I think).

You can do your homework on your computer, just answer some simple questions, if you get any wrong answers your caracter will just delay the question for later.

We're not most active users of itch.io, so if you have any questions, you may contact us through patreon or via email. You'll get answer much faster!


I guess this is dead..

Nope, it's not dead :v

How to get x ray 

Complete to story until you finish all of sombras quests

No news of devs yet? :(

I am stuck on the last jammer, can someone help?

It's in the class room I'm pretty sure

I've gotten to the last encounter with mercy where you get to choose scene but the task isn't getting crossed over and it just repeats over and over. How do I start the Brigitte line? I have her in the hero gallery but not in the game.

Hey, it seems that the developer isn't much active on this site. Still I shall post my question. I downloaded the game just yesterday and completed all the storylines i.e. Mercy, Tracer and Sombra. How do I unlock the others, Bridgette and Mei and if some others are there too?

Do the homework for each repective class then see the teacher after class ,this triggers the storyline


What I have to do to unlock the mei storyline and brigitte route???

Do the homework for the classes ,also get the books from the library


I've had 2 problems with the update ,one after I download it says "installing app" then says "app was not installed",and second I think the game wiped all my progress,I opened up the game to see if it updated and it sent me back to the start 

How do I use the library books? It keeps telling me there's no use for it here and now.

U gotta go to your room and do homework and then theres the option to use the book 

Is there anything more after the second bondage session?

If you got the message about hitting the end of content, then, well, it's the end. But yeah, it happens after Brigitte playing with you on the second session.


Is there more content after the tracer route, the mercy route, the jammers, the little mei storyline and the second bondage session with brig? 

No, at the moment that's the end. We're already working on next content patch :}

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What do you do after you have sex with Mercy? When I try to go to bed it says "I still have thing to do"

Edit: To clarify this is the first time I had sex with mercy. I have found all the jammers as well

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You had sex  before the class right? then just go there again if it doesnt work then idk 

Thanks man. I don't know how but I got it to work. But now I'm trying to get charisma points... How though???

Talk with brigittes friend

Just finished the second bondage session, is there anything more?


How do i increase charisma points?

No Brigitte sex scenes in this New update?

If you mean "penetration", then no, there's any. But there are new h-scenes with Brigitte.

I finished the mercy and tracer route and found all the jammers, is there any more content in this update or am i dumb?

There's also route with Brigitte and small storyline with Mei :v

How do I unlock or activate those cuz I'm done with what the jaer things

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What were the new things added? I know there some new interactions added but are there any new routes or sex scenes?

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Yup, there's a big new route with Brigitte, new lessons and short storyline with Mei.

I cant find any of that, i talked qith brigitte but she just dissapeared and doesnt appear at the technologt class, i cant manage to have extra classes with mei or torbjorn and cant read the books, can you help me pls

How do I carry over my save to the new version I cant seem to find the file

You cannot. We had to rewrite big chunk of old code, so old saves wouldn't wor. Sorry :v

Has the new update been added yet?,or is it still only for patrons

It's already available for everyone :

I love your work. It's getting better and better.

Btw. How can I improve my stats points?

There's few ways, but any of them involve any kind of grinding. Just play through the game and you get your reward :}

for some reason icant download the game

on the game download page (on your site) all the links are broke

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Is the new update the first download on your page? Because I can't download it on Andriod.

Hi! I adore the game so far! thank you! Is there an update scheduled soon by chance ?

Yup, it's coming in a few days!

Hi, love the game, i finished the tracer and the mercy route, and found all the jammers, is there  anything more in the game right now, if there isnt, when is the new update going to be released (on mobile specifically), and who is it going to be focused on, and pls make something with zarya 

New update coming in a few days, which going to include Brigitte, new locations, lots of new interactions, overhauled lessons, new homework system, etc. Stay tuned :}

I've looked and looked but the second jammer eludes me. Can I get a hint?

Check out the Pool :}

what are you gonna do if all of the jammer got collected

How do you save the progress??

Right click at any time :v

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